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A Leading Industrial Furnace and Oven Manufacturer.

SINC Thermal is a manufacturer of industrial furnaces and equipment for the foundry, die casting and metal forming industries. SINC's core understanding of melting, holding and molten metal distribution provides your foundry with efficient, clean and reliable thermal solutions.

A Partner of Gillespie & Powers, SINC Thermal builds on 80+ years of experience supplying furnaces and processing equipment to the aluminum recycling and cast house industry. SINC brings a fresh perspective when applying GP’s industry leading experience, engineering, and patented technology to the foundry and die casting industry.
holding bale out furnace rendering
rendering of a gray and red crucible furnace with the lid open for industry metal production
Reverb furnace rendering
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rendering of a gray and red crucible furnace for industry metal production

Crucible Furnaces

A workhorse in the industry, crucible furnaces offer a high degree of flexibility and overall efficiency. Whether used as a melting furnace, holding furnace or both, crucibles are a perfect solution for cost effectiveness and ease of implementation.

Available in static, tilting, or mobile variations and capable of daily cycling from melt down to fully empty bath, crucible furnaces offer unique flexibility for job shops producing several different alloys in relatively smaller batches.
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Typical Holding Capacity
500-4,200 lbs.
*Other sizes available upon request.
Heating Source
Electric & Gas
Loading & Bale-Out Configuration
Manual & Automatic
*Also available in pump, tilt-pour, and mobile arrangements.
holding bale out furnace lid open rendering

Holding Bale-Out Furnaces

SINC Thermal specializes in electric immersion heated holding furnaces for compact installation at the point of use. Through direct contact with the molten aluminum, electric immersion heaters offer the highest heat transfer, and energy efficiency with minimal dross formation. These features combine consistent and reliable operation while optimizing the service life of the refractory lining.

Perfect for die cast or traditional foundry applications with an energy efficient lining that minimizes risk of metal infiltration to the furnace shell. SINC’s compact design allows easy access for cleaning, quiet operation and low heat loss for boosting energy efficiency while also improving the working environment for your operators.

SINC’s standard holding furnaces feature multiple options for loading and bale out with custom configurations available to suit any application. Each SINC holding furnace is readily compatible with launder systems, pump systems, and automatic or manual ladle bale out systems. As standard options, SINC’s holding furnaces readily accept filter plates, laser level probes, and multiple temperature monitoring points.

SINC Thermal also provides a full line of gas fired holding furnaces with many of the standard features and technologies for ultimate flexibility to suit your application.
Standard Capacities
3,000-10,000 lbs.
*Custom sizes available upon request.
Heating Source
Electric & Gas
Loading & Bale-Out Configuration
Manual & Automatic
Sinc Thermal Industrial Reverb Furnace Rendering

Central Bulk Melting

Central bulk melting represents the greatest strength of SINC’s Partnership with Gillespie & Powers, a globally known leader in dry hearth reverberatory melting and holding furnaces. SINC Thermal has unique, robust solutions and access to patented technologies not typically offered at the foundry level.

Reverb Furnaces

SINC's reverb furnaces have a simpler design and lower maintenance requirements, creating a perfect solution for local central melting in foundry applications. Compatible with all bale out configurations including tap out, dip ladle, tilting, pump and launder systems for safe and efficient transfer of metal to point of use. Reverbs offer high flexibility with operating arrangements and incoming scrap, including low density scrap melting, chip recycling and metal circulation.
Standard Holding Capacities
3,000-30,000 lbs.
Configurations Available
Tap-out, Tilting, Bale-out & Pump-out
Special Applications
Chip Melting, Mechanical and Electro Vortex

Shaft Melting Furnaces

Shaft Melting furnaces offer the best on-demand melting efficiency and lowest molten metal inventory costs. SINC Thermal brings a fresh perspective by combining industry standard designs and the engineering expertise of Gillespie & Powers for a wide range of aluminum melting applications.

Automatic loading, natural and efficient energy recuperation through the charge shaft and the versatility to integrate with launders, pump systems, etc. make the SINC Shaftmelter an investment in the future. SINC shaft melting furnaces are an excellent option with standard melting rates of 1,000-8,000 lbs./hr,  standard holding capacities of 2,500-20,000 lbs. and are available in tap-out, bale-out and pump-out configuration.
rendering of a launder used in the molten metal industry to move molten metal in the trough

Foundry Products

Launders & Ladles

SINC Thermal's launders and ladles are efficient and safely deliver molten aluminum throughout your foundry operation. Minimize handling with launders to point of use while maximizing safety with our unique safety ladle design that requires minimal ladle manipulation for accurate pouring.
ladle heater rendering for industrial metal processing.

Ladle Heaters

SINC offers an efficient and compact ladle heater design for a high level of control resulting in precision and consistency during ladle preheating and refractory dry-out processes. Controlled and efficient pre-heating of transfer ladles is imperative for good ladle practices, life and consequent improvements in metal quality. SINC Thermal ladle heaters increase the life of refractory linings through proper curing. Constructed with a simple, reliable hood lifting mechanism for safety and easy access.
Typical Capacity
500-5,000 lbs.
*Custom sizes available for the largest applications.
Typical Applications
Ferrous & Non-Ferrous
Standard Arrangements
Vertical, Horizontal, Mobile
*Custom arrangements available for any application.
Thermal sand reclamation equipment schematics line drawing

Phoenix Thermal Sand Reclamation

SINC Thermal's patented, thermal sand reclamation technology delivers from its unique design that reduces energy costs, improves sand quality and lowers the maintenance burden of your foundry. A rotary design, SINC Phoenix is unique in that it mechanically fluidizes the sand for improved combustion, reduced wear and 50% less energy inputs in comparison to the competition. With an integrated cooler classifier, the SINC Phoenix delivers ultimate fines reduction for improved sand quality.

Thermally reclaimed sand results in the most complete removal of sand binders for minimizing LOI’s and improving casting quality. In addition to driving casting quality, thermally processed sand becomes more stable and lowers sand degradation typical of mechanical reclamation systems.

The SINC Phoenix system also includes simple metering equipment, process diagnostics, and a unique pneumatic sand transporter for delivery post processing.
Typical Capacities
1,000-5,000 lbs./hr
Heating Source
Electric & Gas Fired
Sand Binders
100% Removal
Four renderings of precast refractory shapes, tap-out block and burner block for the foundry industry

Precast Refractory Shapes

Custom refractory shapes to meet any of your foundry needs. Access to a wide ranging and large inventory for reduced lead times to minimize downtime and outages. From a couple pounds up to several thousand pounds, we have the capability to deliver quickly on your needs with our in-house engineering to help in selecting the right refractory for your application.
Up to 20,000 lbs. typical
*Larger sizes available upon request.
Inventory & Custom
Additional Services
QA & Bake-Out to 1000º F

SINC Thermal, an industrial furnace maker, logo in red and black


SINC Thermal, in Partnership with Gillespie & Powers, is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of melting furnaces, holding furnaces, molten metal handling equipment, thermal foundry sand reclamation equipment and other gas fired and electrically heated thermal processing equipment.

Focusing on the foundry and die-casting industries, SINC leverages 80+ years of experience, expertise, industry connections and a heritage with Gillespie & Powers that culminates in delivering thermal solutions, equipment and service to your foundry that are efficient, clean, and reliable. This is at the core of SINC Thermal's business mission and built into every piece of equipment it makes.

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