Jet Melter®, Freedom®, and Infinity Aluminum Melting Furnaces.

Performance + Service = The Perfect Alloy.

Better Melt

Positive energy transfer optimizes melt.

Better Hold

Less cleaning, less metal loss, greater profits

Better Pour

Transfer quality metal to your molds.

Better Products

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Aluminum Melting without Oxidation

Freedom® Aluminum Melting Furnace

Patented Nippon Freedom® shaft melter delivers
best-in-class efficiency with up to an 18 month
holding chamber cleaning cycle.

– Recuperates thermal energy from the shaft’s charge
– Less cleaning, less loss, less flux, more profit
– Extended cleaning cycle reduces manpower
– Reduced inclusions in the melt
– Fewer scrap castings from inclusions
– Less downstream rework
– Built in the USA exclusively by SINC Thermal

Looking for aluminum melting performance + service?

aluminum melting furnace

Infinity Shaft Melter

Made in America shaft melting furnace offers excellent return on energy dollar plus high volume, on-demand shaft melting, available in static or tilting configurations.

Features SINC Thermal’s exclusive Thermalseal hydraulic window and stack lids to help mitigate energy loss through the doors and lid.

Nippon Aluminum Melters

Our strategic partnership with Nippon Crucible Co., marks a significant milestone for SINC Thermal and the domestic market. Previously available only in the Asian markets, the Freedom® shaft melting furnaces are now available for the USA exclusively by SINC Thermal to help the domestic industry compete with overseas competition. These advanced furnaces have already made a substantial impact in over 120 markets across Asia since their inception in 2015.

the work horse

Aluminum Melting Crucibles

Choose static or tilting, gas or electric crucibles for aluminum melting or holding.
Crucible Furnaces