Industrial Furnace Systems and Foundry Equipment

Our extensive line includes melting furnaces, holding furnaces, molten metal handling equipment, and related gas fired and electrically heated thermal processing equipment. Custom designs encouraged.

Products are shown for sales purposes only. Specifications subject to revision as needed.
Infinity Furnace

Infinity Furnace

Freedom Nippon Furnace

Freedom Furnace

Jet Melter Furnaces

Jet Melter Furnace

Holding Crucible

Holding Crucible

Holding Furnace

Ladle Heaters

Tilting Ladle



Gas transmission

Gas Transmission

Forge Furnace

SINC Thermal Reverb Furnace

Reverb Furnace

Immersion Furnaces

Need greater performance from your nonferrous foundry systems?

global expertise

A Global Footprint

As a partner with Gillespie & Powers, SINC Thermal’s furnaces and foundry solutions can be found throughout the world, assuring our customers they are never far from our melting, holding, transporting, and casting expertise.

High Pressure Die Casting

Getting the best from your HPDC production requires the best metal quality to avoid excessive scrap rates and substandard products. SINC Thermal furnaces provide the confidence to achieving this.

Low Pressure Die Casting

The materials selection process and safety protocols rank aerospace among the most carefully regulated in industry today.

Traditional Foundries

Our scope of work includes testing for structural fabrication, pressure systems and material selection natural and plastic material.

Heat Treaters

Physical, mechanical testing, spectrometric and microscopic characterization that benefit our client’s product development.