Quality Systems

Product Development

SINC THERMAL develops, proves, and then brings to market new and innovative technologies for our product lines that will help our customers become more efficient, boost productivity and profitability, and contribute to a more sustainable operation. Some of the technologies available depending on the system configuration.

  • Weigh cells on furnaces for accurate production records.
  • Remote and wireless operations.
  • Laser and vision level and charging systems.
  • Data collection.
  • Informative HMI displays.
  • SCR control of electric heating.
  • Radiant or immersion electric heating.
  • Low NoX burner configurations.
  • Automatic ignition and burner controls.
  • Stoichiometric burner set‐up and flame control.
  • Self recuperating burner systems.
  • Package burners.
  • Gas meters on all gas fired furnaces.
  • Power management packages for electrically heated units.
  • HMI touchscreen information centers.
  • Modular designs.
  • Pressure control of furnace atmospheres for energy and thermal optimization.
  • Vision systems to optimize charging and melting performance.
  • RF and wireless controls for remote operations and operator safety.
  • Ergonomic design for operator comfort and safety.

global innovation

Make the Most from Your Metal

Any furnace company can sell you a melter; SINC Thermal goes the extra mile to build you a solution that melts metal with greater efficiency and less loss. Talk to us about your ultimate goal of producing the highest quality castings at the lowest possible cost. That means fewer inclusion, less trim, fewer tollings. In short, make the most from your metal.

Standard or Custom?

We build solutions not products.

Maximize Your ROI

SINC Thermal is your long haul partner.

Let’s Be Smart

Let’s create value for today and tomorrow.


Performance + Service

The Perfect Alloy

repair and refurbish

Losing Furnace Efficiency?

The demanding environment of metalcasting gradually erodes even the most durable refractory linings, leading to reduced efficiency and potential safety risks. Reclaim your furnace’s efficiency with SINC Thermal’s OEM Repair & Refurbishment Services. Our on-site service begins with a thorough assessment of your furnace’s current performance and energy consumption under real operational conditions. Based on this analysis, SINC Thermal provides a detailed forecast of the performance improvements you can expect after a full lining replacement.

OEM Furnace Maintenance & Refurbishment by SINC Thermal

Our mission is to:

  • Significantly reduce gas consumption, restoring your furnace to its original efficiency.
  • Enhance the longevity of both your furnace and crucibles.
  • Implement advanced design modifications for superior efficiency.
  • Improve metal flow, effectively cutting down on processing durations.
  • Ensure the furnace’s performance and melt quality match the original OEM standards.

foundry expertise

Select from our comprehensive range of maintenance and refurbishment options:

Maintenance Our expert team will pinpoint, evaluate, and address specific wear and tear within your furnace’s lining, using genuine OEM materials.

Refurbishment A SINC Thermal supervisor will oversee your team in the complete disassembly, reconstruction, and relining of your furnace, ensuring it meets original factory specifications.

Upgradation In addition to refurbishment, our technical leader will assess your furnace for possible technological advancements specific to your model, and oversee these upgrades during the refurbishment process.

foundry expertise

Foundry Support Services

From consultation to installation, systems support to repair, you are a lifetime partner with Sinc Thermal. We are behind you all the way.

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Parts and systems

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies.


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