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Jet Melter® Furnace

The Jet Melter® and Micro Jet Melter® furnaces are high efficiency, energy saving stack melter type furnaces that combine aluminum melting and holding functions. The Micro Jet-Melter technology provides an unmatched combination of research, design, and technical expertise to meet the needs of the smaller foundry or where melting is required at the point of use.

Jet Melter Furnaces

50 Years of Melting Aluminum

When it comes to tower melt technology, the Jet Melter furnaces have been a preferred choice for more than 45 years! Ingot and scrap are charged into the stack section of the furnace and charge materials are preheated by the exhaust gasses from the melting hearth. This ensures that charge materials are in the ideal condition for rapid melting and low dross creation.

Molten aluminum quickly flows into the bath section where it is held at the desired tapping or casting temperature.  An external pocket allows molten aluminum to be ladled or pumped out at the point of use. Alternatively, a tapping valve can be used to transfer metal to holding furnaces at the point of use.


  • 3 Sizes – from small to large capacity
  • All of the benefits of a shaft melter in a simplified, easy-to-use platform
  • High Metal Quality – Molten aluminum has lower gas & inclusion levels.
  • Refractory Lined – No crucible to replace.
  • Temperature Control – Low variations (± 10 °F).
  • Low Metal Loss – High metal quality = low dross formation.
  • Easy to Clean – Convenient access doors make cleaning easy.

Key Features

  • High energy efficiency – 1,000 BTU per pound.
  • Reduced melt loss – less than 1%.
  • High Quality Metal – Low gas & inclusion levels.
  • Temperature Control ± 18 °F.
  • State-of-the-art programmable controls.
  • Graphic information display.
  • Fully automated charging system.

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