Our Legacy Was Cast Nearly a Century Ago.

SINC Thermal

You might say molten metal is in our DNA. We earned our stripes through generations of hard work in foundries and melt rooms the world over. Now, with die casting demanding the purest pours, SINC Thermal has become a leading manufacturer of industrial furnaces and equipment for the foundry, die casting, and metal forming industries. SINC’s core understanding of melting, holding, and molten metal distribution provides your foundry with efficient, clean, and reliable thermal solutions. A Partner of Gillespie & Powers, SINC Thermal builds on 80+ years of experience supplying furnaces and processing equipment to the aluminum recycling and cast house industry. Together with old-world skills, SINC brings a fresh perspective born out of experience, engineering, and patented technology to the foundry and die-casting industry.

The SINC Advantage

SINC Thermal remains at the forefront of performance-based non-ferrous melting where our objective is to help you make the most from your metal. That means the purest, dross-free melt is delivered to your high pressure or low pressure die cast line.

Your SINC Thermal Advantage

  • Small company attention to customer needs.
  • Large company experience and support.
  • International foundry furnance experience.
  • Fast reactions, customer-oriented.
  • Forward-thinking built on established engineering.
  • Service support from dedicated engineering teams.
  • New and innovative foundry furnace technology.

Let SINC Thermal create a unique foundry furnance for you.

Performance + Service = The Perfect Alloy

At SINC Thermal, everyone is committed to customer service and ensuring that the experience is world-class. The founding members of the company are building on a long and broad range of industry experience across multiple metals and thermal industries.

Looking for a reliable & stable partner?