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SINC Thermal holding furnaces provide easy molten metal access in a compact installation at the point of use. These furnaces are available with a variety of heating technologies including electric radiant elements, vertical or horizontally mounted immersion heaters or gas fired units.

Roof mounted radiant elements or gas burners are the most economical and simplest heating systems but lack the overall efficiency of immersion elements. The additional cleaning required to reduce oxidation levels can lead to excessive metal loss and corundum growth if not performed regularly.

Designed with an Energy Efficient Lining

Perfect for die cast or traditional foundry applications with an energy efficient lining that minimizes risk of metal infiltration to the furnace shell. SINC’s compact design allows easy access for cleaning, quiet operation, and low heat loss for boosting energy efficiency while also improving the working environment for your operators.

SINC’s standard holding furnaces feature multiple options for loading and bale out with custom configurations available to suit any application. Each SINC holding furnace is readily compatible with launder systems, pump systems, and automatic or manual ladle bale out systems. As standard options, SINC’s holding furnaces readily accept filter plates, laser level probes, and multiple temperature monitoring points.

SINC Thermal also provides a full line of gas fired holding furnaces with many of the standard features and technologies for ultimate flexibility to suit your application.

  • Point-of-use holding furnace ensures correct casting temperatures and metal availability.
  • Designs for aluminum, zinc or magnesium.
  • Heating through gas burners, electric radiant of immersion heaters.
  • Gas-fired units with flat flame burners offer higher holding temperatures for aluminum.
  • Radiant and immersion heaters offer better control and efficiency for aluminum, zinc, and magnesium
  • Immersion heated furnaces offer the lowest oxidation characteristics.

  • Flexible design configurations allow for different-sized pockets, orientation, and fill systems.
  • Non-crucible style for aluminum and with steel crucibles for zinc and magnesium.
  • Requires auto-ladle or pump-style bale out units for metal transfer to casting point.
  • Can be linked to molten metal launders for continuous metal supply.
  • Hot chamber versions for zinc and magnesium are available customized to fit your existing die casting machine.

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Holding Bale-Out Furnaces

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