Reverberatory Furnace

SINC Thermal’s Reverberatory furnaces are available in sizes from 500 to 4,000 lbs/hr melting capacity on a dry hearth and with bath capacities from up to 12,000 lbs holding capacity. Choose bale out, tap out, pump and launder systems for safe and efficient transfer of metal to point of use. Positive seal doors for reduced oxidation and corundum growth. These furnaces offer the greatest flexibility for charge material and chip recycling and metal stirring can also be incorporated into the pocket.

Reverberatory Furnace

Robust Construction

All SINC furnaces are designed and built with the same attention to detail and have a robust steel frame with carefully selected refractory insulation for maximum efficiency.

SINC’s reverberatory furnaces have a simpler optimized design for improved performance, efficiency and lower maintenance requirements, creating a perfect solution for local central melting in foundry applications.

Reverberatory furnaces offer a simple and robust means of melting and holding molten aluminum and can be configures in a variety of ways for direct charging into the molten metal in a charge well or independent melting on a dry hearth.

The absence of an efficient recuperative system for the charge material means they lack the overall energy efficiency of the shaft melting furnaces by up to 50%.

All SINC furnaces and equipment are proudly built in our facility in Missouri USA. Customers are always welcome to visit and monitor the build schedules of their furnaces and arrange for maintenance training sessions during the build process.

Furnace Advantages

  • Simple robust construction.
  • Simplicity of charging with fork truck devices.
  • Suitable for large and/or low and high-density scrap charges.
  • Larger bath capacities can be equipped with chip-melting submergence pump systems.

Additional Considerations

  • The simplicity of a reverb inherently allows a high degree of flexibility to tackle challenging melt room applications with a wide range of options and configurations available.
  • Ability to melt sows and T-bars to reduce feedstock costs.
  • Reduced furnace efficiencies can sometimes be overcome by being able to accept a wider range of incoming materials.  These include reduced pre-processing of scrap as well as the ability to accept sows, t-bars, full ingot stacks, and a variety of other feedstock.
  • Automated charging equipment available by SINC Thermal.
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Reverb Furnace

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