Ladle Heaters

Good ladle practice is an often neglected aspect of foundry molten metal transfers that can provide quick and tangible quality benefits. SINC Thermal’s efficient and compact ladle heater design provides high level of control resulting in precision and consistency during ladle preheating and refractory dry-out processes. Controlled and efficient pre-heating of transfer ladles is imperative for good ladle practices, life and consequent improvements in metal quality. SINC Thermal ladle heaters increase the life of refractory linings through proper curing. Constructed with a simple, reliable hood lifting mechanism for safety and easy access.

Ladle Heaters

Benefits of modern ladle heaters compared to using a simple open flame burner.

  • Better temperature control of the ladle ensures reduced temperature loss on metal transfer.
  • Improved metal quality through less dross creation.
  • Improved lining life through accurate temperature control, no flame impingement.
  • Programmable heat up ramps ensure the correct dry-out of new linings and increased life.
  • Suitable for most foundry transfer ladles.
  • Ladle cover to suit specific ladle sizes.
  • Standard 36” cover diameter.
  • Height adjustment from 36” to 72” (~800 – 1,800 mm).
  • Smooth running counter balanced lift frame.
  • Pneumatic lift with speed controlled lowering.
  • Heat shield and collision protection for cylinder.
  • Fork pockets for portability or Bolt flanges for permanent anchoring.
  • Auto ignition burner with flame supervision.
  • Burner air & gas trains protected from damage.
  • Temperature control & overtemperature protection.
  • Fully safety compliant with NFPA-86.
  • Single HMI touch screen controls.
  • Rotating control panel for best access.
  • Vertical lift cover avoids operator exposure.
  • Compact designs with direct air supply.

Ladle Pre-Heaters

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