Immersion Configurations

Through direct contact with the molten aluminum, electric immersion heaters offer the highest heat transfer, and energy efficiency with minimal dross formation. These features combine consistent and reliable operation while optimizing the service life of the refractory lining. Immersion heating designs overcome many of the traditional problems associated with radiant or gas fired holding furnaces by submerging the heating elements. This conduction method transfers heat directly into the molten aluminum, offering the most efficient heat transfer method for holding temperatures up to 1380°F (~750°C).

  • Immersion heated furnaces also improve metal quality and reduce cleaning operations by maintaining uniform temperature and reducing oxides formation.
  • Heating element position can be configured to suit customer installation.
  • The filling pocket is designed to promote metal flow and avoid stratification without unnecessary disturbances.
  • A variety of options are also available to accommodate different operating conditions and temperatures.
  • Horizontally installed through the side wall (left or right through the bath end wall, or vertically installed in the bath lid.
  • Furnaces can be configured to suit customer and installation requirements with left hand, right hand or central fill points.